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USCG Approved OUPV, Masters and First Aid / CPR Programs in Bayview and Port Aransas, Texas

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With Offices in Bayview and Port Aransas, Stewart Training Center provides Marine training Programs in Texas. The training, instructors and course materials are fully approved by the USCG and provide an alternative to license exams at USCG regional testing centers. The center also teaches you hands-on, practical boating know-how, so that you can pass the Captain's or Masters license tests at the center facility. More importantly, the lessons you learn at Stewart Training Center are essential anytime you're put to the test on the water.

All of the training staffs are U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) licensed instructors with many years of experience on the water and in the classroom. They bring an advanced level of knowledge, experience and seamanship that is at the heart of the training excellence. While there are a number of practical demonstrations and exercises, none are required for successful completion of the course. Practical demonstrations and exercises are provided only to assist the student in understanding the material presented.

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USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

USCG Captain's Programs

  • The O.U.P.V. (6-Pack) License (Inland & Near Coastal): The OUPV license lets you take 6 passengers for-hire plus crew on your vessel thus the nick name 6-pack. If you want to carry more passengers, you need a Masters license to operate an inspected vessel. Written examinations will be administered for each subject area at the completion of each subject area.  All exams use multiple choice answer formats and multiple choice questions are selected from the Coast Guard question bank. Each test will be revised annually. 
  • Masters License: Stewart Training Center offers Captains a way to upgrade their OUPV license to a Master level license. Masters licenses are rated by tonnage at 25GT (gross tons), 50GT, or 100GT. The tonnage your license will be approved for will be determined by the size of vessel you have operated in the last three years. Most Captains will get their 50 ton license if all of their time is predominently on a small craft.

Other Programs

  • First Aid / C.P.R. & A.E.D: First Aid and CPR along with the A.E.D will give you  instruction in basic first aid and CPR under the guidelines of The American Heart Association. You will learn how to recognize and provide basic treatment for medical conditions like cardiac arrest, stroke, seizures, allergic reactions using the epipen, asthma, and shock. You will learn how to recognize and treat major bleeding, neck injuries, head injuries, broken bones. We will incorporate Adult, Child and Infant CPR, and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). This class is required for new captains as well any captain that has an expired card. A check by the coast guard or parks personnel will result in a fine without a valid card.

LAST UPDATED ON Jan 26, 2020