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US Coast Guard Approved Maritime Training Programs, Exam Prep Courses & STCW Training in Seattle WA

crawford nautical school

Established in 1923, Crawford Nautical School (CNS) is the oldest privately-owned maritime training school in the United States. The school has been training mariners from all areas of sea-going life - deep sea, coastal and inland waters; Masters, Mates, Pilots and Engineers.

The School has had branches in San Diego, Wilmington and San Francisco, California. Since 1985, the School has been located in Seattle, Washington, where Crawford Nautical continue to prepare mariners for US Coast Guard Deck and Engine licensing examinations in particular and for the vocation of becoming good shipmates in general.

CNS provides assistance to mariners trying to determine what credential they may be eligible for, what authority their current credential confers, what might be the best way to upgrade a credential and how to navigate the applications for original, upgrade and renewal. Crawford Nautical School is licensed under the Private Vocational School Act administered by the Workforce Training & Education Board of Washington State & approved for Veterans/GI Bill.


Training Programs

USCG Approved Courses

  • Original Unlimited Radar (5 days)
  • Radar Plotting Review (1 day)
  • Leadership & Managerial Skills (5 days)
  • Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (5 days)
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) (5 days)
  • Bridge Resource Management (3 days)
  • Mate 200 Inland/NC (4 weeks)
  • Master 100/OUPV Inland/NC (3 weeks)
  • Master/Mate Uninspected Fishing Vessels (4 weeks)
  • Oceans Endorsement: Masters 500/1600/Towing/Fishing; Mates 3rd & 2nd AGT, 500/1600 (2.5 weeks)
  • Designated Duty Engineer 1000 - 4000 HP (4 weeks)
  • Assistant Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels (4 weeks)
  • Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED) (5 weeks)
  • Tankerman (1 week)

USCG Examination Prep Courses

  • Mate NC/Inland (4-6 weeks)
  • Master NC/Inland (Old Examinations) (4-6 weeks)
  • Master NC/Inland (New Examinations) (4-6 weeks)
  • Towing to Master 500/1600 (Old Examination) (2- 3 weeks)
  • Towing to Master 500/1600 (New Examination) (3-4 weeks)
  • Master/Mate Oceans (6-8 weeks)
  • Engine Credentials (4 weeks)

STCW Courses

  • Leadership & Management Skills (5 days)
  • Electronic Chart Display (5 days)
  • ARPA (5 days)
  • Meteorology (Operational Level) (5 days)
  • Terrestrial Navigation (Operational) (10 days)

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