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Industrial Trades Technician Apprenticeship, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Apprentice and Active Duty Navy Personnel Marine Technology Programs

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Started in 1946 with the main campus located at Bremerton WA, Olympic College (OC) is recognized as one of the top community colleges in the nation. OC offers a variety of pathways for students to achieve their goals, from certificates and associate degrees, to bachelor's degrees and beyond. The College has campuses in Bremerton, Poulsbo and Shelton, with approximately 1,300 full- and part-time faculty and staff dedicated to serving our students in Kitsap and Mason counties.

At Olympic College, students can expand their job skills, enhance their academic skills to prepare for college, take courses to prepare for new careers or get retraining. OC Offers four bachelor degrees, in addition to numerous other baccalaureate level programs through university partners located on the campuses.

Olympic College also offers apprenticeship program with Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and also a program for active duty navy personnel. OC is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

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Training & Apprenticeship Programs

Industrial Trades Technician

Associate Degree Program

  • Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) degree (4 years): The apprenticeship program involves 4 years of intensive training in one of the following 28 skilled trades of interest to the shipyard. The first 3 years are equally divided between skill training and taking college classes, which leads to an Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) degree as an Industrial Trades Technician. After successful completion of the ATA, emphasis shifts from academics to specific skill training, leading toward the apprentice achieving journey level certifications through the Department of Labor. Upon completion, candidates are traditionally offered career employment status in the Shipyard as a journey level employee with full benefits.
    • Option 1: Electroplater
    • Option 2: Fabric Worker
    • Option 3: Thermal Insulator
    • Option 3A: Composite Plastic Fabricator
    • Option 4: Painter
    • Option 5: Rigger
    • Option 6: Shipwright
    • Option 7A: Marine Electrician
    • Option 7B: Heavy Mobile Equipment Electrician
    • Option 7C: High Voltage Electrician
    • Option 7D: Temporary Services Electrician
    • Option 7E: Electronics Mechanic
    • Option 8: Marine Machinery Mechanic
    • Option 8A: Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic
    • Option 9: Marine Pipefitter
    • Option 9A: Temporary Services Pipefitter
    • Option 9B: Utilities Service Repair Operator
    • Option 10: Shipfitter
    • Option 10A: Sheetmetal Mechanic
    • Option 10B: Temporary Ventilation Mechanic
    • Option 12: Non-Destructive Test Examiner
    • Option 13: Weldor
    • Option 14: Machinist
    • Option 14A: Production Machinery Mechanic
    • Option 14B: Toolmaker
    • Option 15: Production Machinery Electrician
    • Option 16: Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic
  • Certificate of Specialization
  • Certificate of Completion

Industrial Trades Technician - Helper

  • Certificate of Specialization - Helper (19 credits): This program is designed to develop and enhance general education and technical skills of entry level employees in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. It prepares participants for entry into the more comprehensive shipyard apprenticeship program and/or permit students to maintain continued employment as Helpers in an assigned specific trade area.

Industrial Trades - Apprenticeship Program

  • The Industrial Trades Technician (Apprenticeship) Program is a collaborative program between Olympic College, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and Naval Intermediate Maintenance Facility. This comprehensive industrial trades program blends theory and practical application to bolster learning experiences in oral and written communications, interpersonal skills, applied mathematics, and applied physics.
  • Currently these courses are designed for Federal employees working at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS), and Naval Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF).