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USCG and STCW Approved Licensing and Safety Training in Edmonds WA

compass courses maritime training

Established in 2001, Compass Courses Maritime Training provides USCG approved licensing and safety training on a frequent and consistent schedule. Since its inception, Compass Courses has trained 12000+ mariners in 20 USCG/STCW approved courses. The facilities include multiple classrooms, full-size lifeboat, gravity davit and a TRANSAS simulator system for Radar training (RFPNW).

Compass Courses passion is to provide current and future seafarers with the knowledge, understanding and proficiencies they require to be successful and safe through quality training on a reliable schedule. The Compass Courses offers a Scholarship Program which is designed to provide professional mariners an opportunity to earn a scholarship to the Compass Courses training program of their choice. The award is offered once every two months.

The Compass Courses Scholarship Program provides entry-level mariners with an opportunity to jump-start their careers. The program offers financial aid for those seeking to gain entry into, or continue working in the maritime industry. This program is intended to serve as a gap filler between scholarship programs tailored to youth and their entry to the industry and those that target management level employees. Scholarships will be reviewed upon receipt and awardees will be notified immediately following their selection.

compas courses maritime training

Training Programs

  • 100/200 Ton Captain’s Licensing
  • Able Seaman
  • Advanced Firefighting
  • Advanced Firefighting Revalidation
  • Apprentice Mate (Steersman)
  • ARPA
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Basic Safety Training
  • BST Refresher
  • Crisis Management & Human Behavior (other than Ro-Ro)
  • Crowd Management
  • Fishing Vessel Drill Instructor
  • Leadership & Managerial Skills
  • PSC Lifeboatman
  • Radar Recertification
  • Radar Observer
  • RFPNW Assessments Only
  • Tankerman PIC (DL)
  • Upgrade Master 100 Tons to Master 200 Tons
  • Vessel Personnel With Designated Security Duties

LAST UPDATED ON May 21, 2019