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Captains Licensing, Endorsements and Renewal Courses in Washington, Ohio and Illinois

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Founded in 1987, US Maritime Academy (USMA) provides Captains license training, in Washington, Ohio and Illinois. The classes include all training materials and testing so that there is no requirement to take any test at the Coast Guard testing facility. USMA graduates are employed in the Nautica Queen in Cleveland, Miller Ferry, Jet Express, Kelley Island Ferry in the Lake Erie island area as well as on the Muskingum River and Ohio rivers.

USMA offers comprehensive captain license training in these areas and the classes can include Commercially Assisted Towing endorsement as well as Sailing endorsement. The founder of USMA has written four textbooks and a complete curriculum for OUPV and Masters 100 Ton Coast Guard License training in collaboration with his colleague. U.S. Maritime Academy is presently assembling a core of professionals to offer its unique style of License training throughout the United States and to carry on the USMA philosophy.

Training Locations: Seattle (Port Townsend & Gig Harbor); Illinois - Great Lakes (Chicago); Ohio - Great Lakes (Cleveland & Put-In-Bay)

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USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

Licensing & Endorsements

  • OUPV (Six Pack): The Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels allows you to take six or fewer passengers for hire on uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons. This is an excellent license for delivery work or running your own vessel for charter. Sailing vessels are included with the OUPV.
  • Masters: Master Licenses allow you to take an unlimited number of passengers on inspected vessels. They have tonnage limitations and are issued in 25 ton increments up to 100 tons depending on your experience and sea time evaluation. A sailing endorsement is required for operation sailboats under a master license.
  • Sailing Endorsement: Sailing endorsements are available for your Masters License if you meet the above qualifications.  This is not a separate License, but is added to your license at the time of issuance.  USMA is approved to offer Sailing endorsements in class using the own curriculum and materials.
  • Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement: A Commercial Assistance Towing endorsement may be added to both your OUPV and Masters License.  This allows you to be compensated for towing disabled vessels etc.  It also is required if you wish to work on the various vessel assist programs.  USMA's curriculum prepares you for this endorsement and offers it right in class.

Other Courses

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