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Maritime Training Videos, CBT and On Demand Products

mts marine training services

Maritime Training Services (MTS) produces maritime specific training videos and Computer based Training (CBT) that cover safety, regulatory, and operational topics. MTS delivers training on STCW / BST, ISM, ISPS, MARPOL, VGP, MLC, SOLAS, and more. MTS also has an On Demand service for video training and record-keeping.

MTS On Demand is designed specifically for the maritime industry. With this service, every MTS training video is available in one place and creates attendance records and generates training reports.

The Computer Based Training is easy to use, interactive, self-paced. CBT also includes assessments and certificates. They are also SCORM compliant and can be added to any SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

Subtitles versions are available in Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog. Maritime Training Services (MTS) offices are located at Seattle, WA; Houston, TX; and, Singapore.

mts multimedia training

Marine Training

Bridge Resource Management

  • ARPA - Basic Principles CBT
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Bridge Team Management: Pilot Onboard!
  • Secure Anchoring and Effective Inspection CBT

Cargo Handling

  • Container Lashing and De-Lashing: Safety First!
  • Container Yard Forklift Safety
  • Security Search Techniques: Ship's Stores

Deck Operations

  • Crane & Rigging Safety for the Maritime Industry
  • Deckhand Orientation
  • Hammerhead Crane Introduction
  • Hammerhead Crane Operational Scenarios
  • Line Handling: Safe Working Environments & Procedures
  • Making and Breaking Tow: Safe Operating Practices
  • Mooring Operations: One Small Slip
  • Pilot Ladders: Safe Rigging Procedures
  • Ship Stability and Trim
  • U.S. Port State Control: Shipshape and Inspection Ready
  • Working on the Back Deck

Emergency Procedures

  • Distress Signals and Equipment
  • Drills: Preparing for On-Board Emergencies
  • Emergency Response - The Vital First Minutes
  • Enclosed Space Entry: Rescue Drill Procedures
  • Fire Drill! Prevent, Prepare, Practice
  • First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Lifeboat Drills
  • Lifeboat Drills: Preparing for Safety
  • Orville Hook
  • Security Drills: Nine Steps to Success
  • Security NOW! From Plan to Action


  • Electrical Safety for Mariners CBT
  • Lockout/Tagout: Ensuring a Safe Working Environment
  • Oily Water Separators and the Oil Record Book


  • Ballast Water Management
  • Bunkering Operations: Safe Oil Transfer Procedures
  • Environmental Awareness CBT
  • Environmental Awareness: What You Can Do!
  • Fuel Management CBT
  • MARPOL: The New Rules
  • Oily Water Separators and the Oil Record Book
  • Onboard Oil Pollution Response: Be Your Best, Prepare For The Worst
  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan
  • U.S. Port State Control: Shipshape and Inspection Ready
  • Vessel General Permit 2013: Program Guide
  • Vessel General Permit 2013: Protecting the Marine Environment
  • Vessel General Permit CBT


  • Basic Firefighting: Lives on the Line
  • Fire Drill! Prevent, Prepare, Practice
  • Fire in Port: The Ship/Shore Interface
  • Fire Safety & Firewatch
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers: Your First Line of Defense
  • SCBA: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

HR & Familiarization

  • Crew Endurance Management System Awareness Workbook
  • Crew Endurance: Live Better, Perform Your Best
  • Effective Communication
  • Fire Down Below: A Safety Culture
  • Maritime Labor Convention: Know Your Rights
  • Maritime Piece Theater: Basic Safety Awareness
  • Maritime Regulations 101
  • Shipboard Familiarization
  • Shipping 101
  • The Human Element

Medical Procedures & Health

  • Back Care and Strength Building: Move Right and Stay Safe
  • First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Galley Safety: Health & Hazards
  • Medical Emergencies at Sea
  • Medical Procedures: The Officers' Shipboard Guide

Personal Survival

  • Distress Signals and Equipment
  • Immersion Suit Training: It Could Save Your Life!
  • Life Rafts
  • Lifeboat Drills
  • Lifeboat Training CBT
  • Man Overboard! Procedures and Precautions
  • Safety and Survival: Procedures, Equipment, and Training

Risk Management

  • Accident Investigation CBT
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Enclosed Space Entry
  • Hazard Communication
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Risk Assessment CBT
  • Shipboard Accident Investigation
  • STCW Compliance: 2010 Manila Amendments
  • WHMIS 2015