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Bahamas Maritime Authority Approved STCW Training & Captain’s License Programs in Nassau and Freeport Centers in Bahamas

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Located in Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas, Shipmate Training Center is a Bahamas Maritime Authority approved STCW training facility. The STCW Courses are designed to satisfy the requirements for Basic Safety Training on all size vessels.

There are no tonnage limits on this course and it is appropriate for all crewmembers and pleasure craft users. The STCW training based on IMO Modal course minimum requirements.

Ship Mate also provides an array of maritime services with relative know how and experience. Ship Mates team is particularly familiar with the intricacies of vessel operations, ship/fleet management, maritime security, logistics and supply chain management.

With easy access to the Americas and the Caribbean, Ship Mate is in a prime location for bridging the gap between ship owners and shore side interests and providing timely solutions for international shipping companies. With budding operations and associations with shipping entities in the United States and China, Ship Mate is positioned to provide first class service that spans the globe.

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Training Programs

STCW Courses

  • STCW Basic Safety Training (PSSR, PST, Fire Prevention and Firefighting and Elementary First Aid)
  • Crisis Management
  • Crowd Control & Human Behavior
  • Port Facility Security Officer
  • Security Awareness

NauticEd Online

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Captains License

  • Class A Captain (Advanced Navigation) License: 100/200 Tons Class “A” Master’s License
  • Class B Captain's (Basic Navigation) License: The restriction for the Class “B” license is up to a maximum of 500 tons