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MCA Approved STCW Courses and Basic Seamanship, Boat, Radar and COLREGS Training in Port Purcell, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

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Located in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Jocelyn Maritime Training and Consultants (JMTC) is a maritime training, surveying and consulting firm based in the British Virgin Islands. JMTC offers key services, training and advice in specialty maritime areas surrounding shipping, recreational boating, marinas, ports and maritime navigation.

JMTC has agreements in place agreements with experts of varying competence thereby allowing them to effectively and efficiently meet client needs in the Caribbean basin, North America, the United Kingdom or Europe. The team of trainers and consulting surveyors comprises of years of management, administrative, surveying, operational experience in and around the various areas of the maritime theater.

With over 30 years in the maritime sector, they specialize in everything nautical from sailing yachts, MCA coded boats, Caribbean cargo ship surveys, MCA coded superyachts and conventional cargo and passenger vessel surveying and consultancy.

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Training Programs

Basic Maritime Courses

  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS): These rules govern the interaction between all vessels on the oceans, seas and waterways of the world. The rules apply to all vessels, and to all mariners regardless of nationality, therefore persons seeking USCG certification can also take the course. 
  • Beginner Seamanship: Fundamental seamanship training for beginners.
  • Basic Chartwork: This chart work course covers the basic charts, chart reading and plotting; and basic navigation using paper or electronic charts.
  • Basic Power Boating: The objective of the course is to provide boaters with the knowledge and skills necessary to become safer, more confident and competent mariners.  Fundamental seamanship, boat handling skills, and emergency boat handling is essential to every boater and the course covers the requirement to have completed a course of ten hours of practical instruction under the Code of Safety for Small Commercial Vessels.
  • Basic Radar: The objective of the course is to give an understanding of the use of radar in small boats as an aid to navigation, pilotage and for collision avoidance. Small boats increasingly have radar on board.

STCW & ISPS Courses