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USCG Approved Captain's License & Endorsements, STCW Courses and Racing, Sailing & Powerboat Handling Practical Training in USVI

the captain school

Established in 1994, the Captain School USVI has graduated over 8,000 students to date from the program allowing mariners to apply for a Captain's License ( USCG Merchant Mariner's Credential). After completing the approved courses, mariners are given the Coast Guard Exams at the school facilities so no further testing by the Coast Guard is required.

The mission of The Captain School USVI is to provide a quality educational experience in the classroom through demonstrations of practical competencies at entry, operational, and management levels. Many of the students at the Captain School USVI are employed or will be employed in the thriving charter boat industry as well as the many ferry and fishing boats that ply the waters.

The Captain School USVI also operates the only fully Coast Guard compliant drug and alcohol testing consortium in the Virgin Islands. The Captain's Consortium will assist Marine Employers and mariners with all of their drug and alcohol testing needs.

the captain school usvi

USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

Captain's Licenses & Endorsements

  • OUPV / 6-Pack: OUPV Inland allows operation of an uninspected vessel carrying up to six passengers on inland waters only. OUPV  Near Coastal allows operation of an uninspected vessel carrying up to six passengers up to 100 miles off shore. If you have 90 days of your total sea time on the Great Lakes, you will be eligible for Great Lakes Endorsement.
  • Masters License 25/50/100 Ton: The Masters license allows the transport of passengers on an inspected passenger vessel. These vessels must have a Certificate Of Inspection (COI) which states the number of passengers allowed and area of operation. With Inland License, one may take passengers upon inland waters only and with Near Coastal License you may take passengers up to 200 miles off shore.
  • Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement: The Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement is a four hour USCG Approved course for a mariner holding any license. This license is strictly for assisting disabled vessels. There are no additional sea time or service requirements for a commercial assistance towing endorsement.
  • Sail or Auxiliary Sail Endorsement: This is a four hour USCG Approved classroom based course that will cover the written examination requirement for a candidate holding a USCG Master license to obtain a Sailing or Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement. The USCG requires that a Master inland must have at least 180 days of sailing experience in their life for a sailing endorsement and a Master near coastal needs at least 360 days of sailing experience to qualify for this endorsement.

FCC License

  • FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit: Many mariners operating inspected vessels or doing international voyages may be required to have an MROP (Marine Radio Operators Permit). Marine Radio Operator’s Permit is required on all vessels with a length of 65 feet or more; all inspected vessels carrying passengers for hire; all vessels subject to the radiotelephone act; or all towing vessels 26 feet and over.

STCW Courses

  • Basic Safety Training
  • Basic Fire Fighting and Prevention
  • Personal Survival Technique
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Crowd Control
  • Crisis Management
  • Security Officer - includes Vessel, Company and Facility Officer
  • Emergency First Responder (EFR)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Medical Care Provider
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Leadership & Management (HELM)

Racing Courses

  • Wind and Current
  • Rules
  • Tactics and Strategies
  • Boat Handling
  • Rigging for Speed

Practical Training

  • Sailing courses
  • Powerboat Handling
  • Private lessons on your Boat