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ASA Certified & Other Sailing Schools in Barbados


ASA Certified and Other Sailing Schools at Freshwater Bay and Aquatic Gap, Bridgetown in Barbados..

NauticEd Online Sailing Education

nauticed online

Take online theory sailing courses with NauticEdwith two free sailing courses and sailing resume, and then use the skilled in-house sailing instructors from the NauticEd affiliated sailing schools in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia & around the world to gain practical sailing experience and confidence. Once you pass the courses and practical training, you'll be awarded with a NauticEd Sailing Certification with Verified Practical Competency. Yacht Charter Companies worldwide accept and acknowledge the NauticEd Sailing Certification. Read more..

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Ship Shape Sailing School, Freshwater Bay, Barbados

shipshape sailing school

Located at Freshwater Bay in Barbados, Ship Shape Sailing School offers ASA certified sailing courses from beginner to advanced level. The instructors have been sailing for years and come with a wealth of sailing and local knowledge and expertise that they are only too keen to pass on to the students. New courses start every two weeks.

ASA Courses

  • Beginner Course (ASA 101)
  • Intermediate Course (ASA 103)
  • Advanced Course (ASA 104)

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Other Sailing Schools in Barbados

Set Sail Barbados, Barbados Cruising Club, Aquatic Gap, Bridgetown, Barbados

set sail barbados

Located at the Barbados Cruising Club, Aquatic Gap, Bridgetown in Barbados, Set Sail Barbados is the product of a decade in teaching sailing to both adults and children in Barbados. Learn the basics to improve your abilities and master. You can get started by joining a group course or take personal lessons leveling up at your pace. Or you can give sailing a try with a one and a half hour experience.

Sailing Programs

  • 4 Session Course (All Levels)
  • Single Lesson (All Levels)
  • Sailing Taster 

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