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Associate Degree, Certificate in Maritime Studies and Other Maritime Training Programs for the Marine Industry Professionals in Paraquita Bay Campus, Tortola, BVI

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Established with the main campus at Tortola, British Virgin Islands, H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) is a community college in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), USA. A second campus center is located in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.

With over 600 students enrolled for various education and training programs, HLSCC is one of the two tertiary education institutions in the British Virgin Islands. HLSCC offers a range of programs that are designed to prepare students for work placement and for transfer to upper baccalaureate programs. The students are prepared with an array of experiential and action-oriented skills in various fields.

Through the HLSCC’s Workforce Training Division, the Marine Studies programs were developed in response to the rapidly expanding marine industry that, throughout the Caribbean, is in need of trained and qualified personnel. At the HLSCC Marine Centre, a number of specialized courses/workshops that prepare individuals to work in the yachting, ferry, shipping and boating industries are offered.

HLCC Marine Centre is located at Paraquita Bay Campus, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

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Academic & Training Programs

Marine Studies Programs

  • Associates Degree Marine Technology Concentration (2 years): This program is designed to train students in the operation and maintenance of marine propulsion and auxiliary systems found on small to medium size sail and power yachts, and tenders. Upon completion, students will have the entry level qualifications required for the local marine industry, especially the bareboat charter business.
  • Certificate of Achievement Maritime Studies (1 year): This program will introduce students to the various aspects of the maritime industry. Upon completion, students will have the necessary proficiency to test for U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Royal Yachting Association (RYA) qualifications.
  • Certificate of Achievement Marine Technology (1 year): These programs are designed to train students as entry level technicians for the marine industry. Students can specialize in Marine Electrical and Mechanical Studies or Yacht Maintenance.
  • Other Certificate of Achievement Programs:  Maritime Transport Management & Maritime Licensing; and Maritime Transportation Management & Safety.
  • Enrichment Courses in Applied Marine Science (1 Semester - Evenings): Courses include - Introduction to Outboard & Gasoline Engines, Basic Marine Diesel, Introduction to Marine Electrical Systems, Outboard Engines, Introduction to Seamanship, and Chart Reading & Basic Navigation.

HLSCC Marine Centre Programs

  • Marine Professional Training (MPT) Level 1 - Marine Hand (2 months workshop plus 2 months apprenticeship): MPT Level 1 is a gateway learning platform into the BVI Marine Industry. Comprised of internationally accredited certifications as well as workplace apprenticeship learning, this is the way to begin your Career Path into the Marine Industry. After completion of the 2 months workshop, you will then commence your 2 month MPT Level 1 Apprenticeship with a Local BVI Marine Business for 2 months.
  • MPT Level 2: The students will be required to choose a specialization within the Marine Industry. Developing specific skills and abilities while still being exposed to new areas of marine career opportunities, these candidates can be expected to perform to a semi-supervised competency in the BVI Marine Industry.
  • MPT Level 3: In this course, skill development is nearing mastery level, and as such these candidates would be expected to perform unsupervised while at work, perhaps even emerging as the next leaders or line managers of the business.
  • MPT Level 4:  This is a management level training and requires not only skills mastery, but industry mastery as well as unparalleled customer service skills. High-level technical skills performance, small business management training, and HR/Accountancy capabilities will be featured.

Maritime Training & Prep Courses

  • STCW Basic Training (5 days): These courses provide the minimum standards and requirements regarding; occupational safety, medical care, emergency, and survival.
  • Caribbean Boatmaster (CBM) Courses: These courses are designed for those wishing to apply for and take the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry (VISR) exams to obtain a Caribbean Boat Master’s license (CBML). Caribbean Boatmasters Grade 2/3  (5 days) & Caribbean Boatmasters Grade 1 (5 days, or online plus 3 days)
  • Radar Navigation (3 days)
  • Chart work/Orals tuition for VISR Exams
  • VHF Short Range Certificate