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On the Water Boat Training & Powerboat Handling Courses and Other Programs in Puerto Rico

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Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Boat Operator and Seamanship School (BOSS) offers training programs and has partnered with National Associations focused on Nautical Education - NASBLA, US Sailing and US Powerboating. BOSS has island-wide presence offering its courses in pre-established training areas on the North, East, South and West coasts of Puerto Rico while leaving to the water from local ramps and marinas in each area.

The certification has national and international acceptance and recognition, as well as from the USCG. Each basic course will consist of 12 hours of training. The OTC or on the classroom component of the course will cover boat operation theory, review of best practices and testing. Simulation and discussion of the skills to be learned and performed on the water will also be discussed.

Each course will accept up to 20 students per week for 4 hours of classroom discussions; while the OTW or on the water component will divide the class in two groups. Each group will consist of 5 to 10 students per day on an 8-hour skill demonstration session for two consecutive days per week. Number of students per boat per course will not exceed six.

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Training Programs

Program #1 - On the Water (OTW) Training Program

  • Level 1: Consist of a four (4) hours OTW experience at an entry level, where the students have their first experience in a power boat.
  • Level 2: This is a six (6) hours OTW training, where the student is exposed to several slow speed maneuver and boat handling techniques.
  • Level 3: This is an eight (8) hours OTW training where students are offered a very comprehensive program of over 30 exercises in boat operations and maneuvers.

Program #2 - Comprehensive Certified Course

  • Safe Powerboat Handling: The Safe Powerboat Handling course consist of two components - an OTC (on the classroom) component where the Operation, Navigation and Seamanship knowledge and experience of the students is reviewed and tested; and an OTW (on the water) component where the most important skills in Boat Operation are taught thru onshore and at sea drills.

Program #3 - Programs for Boat Owners

  • Seminars and special interest courses prepared to satisfy the needs of groups, clubs and organizations.
  • Boating Camps