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NOGEPA 2.7 Coxswain Lifeboat, Conventional Lifeboat and Capsules & Free-Fall Lifeboat Training for Personnel Designated as Coxswain of Survival Craft Offshore

nogepa 2.7

Each offshore mining installation which is manned, either permanently or temporarily, is provided with one or more survival craft, which allow crew on board to abandon the installation in case of emergency. The survival craft can be either of the conventional type, i.e., a lifeboat or capsule lowered by falls, or a lifeboat of the free-fall type. Training shall be provided to those who are designated as coxswain(s) handling the survival craft.

The objective of the Coxswain Conventional Training is to train delegates in the preparation, launching and handling of a rescue craft on board an offshore installation, being a conventional lifeboat. During the training Conventional Lifeboat and Capsules Training, the course participant will be prepared on launching and handling a rescue boat, similar to the ones you can find at an offshore installation.

The NOGEPA 2.7 Coxswain Lifeboat programs are specialist courses and the target group is persons who are appointed to the duty as conventional (capsule) lifeboat coxswain on board an offshore installation.

  • Duration: Basic - 3 days, refresher - 1 day when the program either includes the Conventional lifeboat/capsule, or only the Free-fall system & 1.5 days when the program includes both the conventional lifeboat/capsule as well as the free-fall system.
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Prerequisites: Offshore Medical certificate

nodepa 2.7 coxwain lifeboat

NOGEPA Coxswain Lifeboat & Refresher

NOGEPA 2.7 Coxswain Lifeboat & Refresher Training

NOGEPA 2.7 Training Program

  • Maintaining the survival craft in an operational condition
  • Contributing to/carrying out drills
  • Reacting to alarms
  • Preparing the survival craft for launching
  • Boarding of passengers
  • Launching the survival craft
  • Navigating the survival craft and moving to a safe zone
  • Communicating by radio and/or other means
  • Ensuring safety of passengers
  • Disembarking of passengers to a safe place
  • Depending on the duration of the course, the Conventional lifeboat/capsule as well as the Free-fall lifeboat or the whole range will be included in the teaching program

NOGEPA 2.7 Practical Training

  • The efficient performance of all techniques mentioned above
  • Execution of all operations necessary for launching, the use of the ‘simul-drop’ is allowed
  • One free fall, passenger launching allowed

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with NOGEPA for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: June 2, 2021