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NOGEPA 2.3 Coxswain Man Overboard Boat & Refresher Training for Designated Crew Member of Man Overboard Boat (MOB) at an Offshore Installation

nogepa 2.3

The objective of NOGEPA 2.3 Coxswain Man Overboard Boat & Refresher Training is to train the delegate in the theory and practice of determining the state of readiness, launching, taking on board and handling of the MOB boats in use by the mining companies, and the performance of rescue operations with these boats.

During the training, the course participant is trained on MOB-boats both theory and practical exercises. During the practical exercises, the focus is on handling the MOB-boats and executing rescue operations.

This is a specialist course and is intended for everyone who is designated to act as a crew member of a Man Overboard Boat (MOB) at an offshore mining installation.

  • Duration: Basic course - 2.5 days & Refresher course - 1 day
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Prerequisites: Offshore Medical certificate

nogepa 2.3 coxwain mob training

NOGEPA Coxswain Man Overboard Boat & Refresher

NOGEPA 2.3 Coxswain Man Overboard Boat & Refresher Training

NOGEPA 2.3 Training Program

  • Check the state of maintenance and readiness of the MOB boat
  • Basic concepts of good seamanship determine a course and steer by compass, operate the equipment on board the MOB boat
  • Recovery and transport of a victim from the water
  • The execution of all procedures associated with launching, recovery and MOB rescue operations
  • Take command in all situations that arise concerning the rescue of persons who have fallen overboard
  • Search pattern with navigational aids e.g., compass, PLB, homing device, GPS equipment
  • Participating in a capsize drill - (Note: only needed during the basic training)

NOGEPA 2.3 Practical Exercises

  • The efficient execution of all techniques mentioned in the learning targets
  • Maximum 3 delegates per instructor and a minimum of 2 instructors per exercise

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with NOGEPA for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: June 2, 2021