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NOGEPA 1.11 Radio Operator Aviation Course for Radio Operators Designated to Carry out Duties on Alerting Offshore Helicopters

nogepa 1.11

An alerting service is provided to helicopters operating over the Dutch continental shelf and in the rest of the Amsterdam FIC. This service aims to ensure that the location and status of the helicopter is monitored during all stages of flight and that an alerting service can be initiated when the helicopter is overdue.

Radio Operators of certain designated offshore mining installations are assigned and trained to render this alerting service in line with NOGEPA Guideline no 19 - Alerting Offshore Helicopters. The objective of NOGEPA 1.11 Radio Operator Aviation Course is to train the delegate in the procedure of monitoring and notifying an overdue helicopter to AMSTERDAM FIC.

The courses in intended for Radio Operators designated to carry out the duties described in NOGEPA Guideline no. 19 - Alerting Overdue Offshore Helicopters. This is a function-orientated training.

  • Duration: 0.5 day
  • Validity: 4 years
  • Prerequisites: Minimum Radio Operator Training - Marcom A

nogepa 1.11 radio operator aviation

NOGEPA Radio Operator Aviation

NOGEPA 1.11 Radio Operator Aviation Course

NOGEPA 1.11 Training Program

  • Theory of air traffic and the rules of alerting in case of emergency
  • What to do in case a helicopter is overdue, role of the Radio Operator
  • Maintaining contact with AMSTERDAM FIC when radio coverage is not available
  • Tasks of the Radio Operator upon arrival, landing, and taking off from a mining installation
  • Recording correctly all aircraft movements and communications between Radio Operator and helicopter pilot in the Helicopter Movement and Flight Watch Logbook
  • Gain situational awareness by visiting the operations center of Amsterdam FIC

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with NOGEPA for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: June 1, 2021