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NOGEPA 0.6 Fire-Fighting Instruction & Refresher Training for Personnel Who Will be Working on Offshore Mining Installation

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The aim of NOGEPA 0.6 Fire-Fighting Instruction is to introduce delegates on the issues related to explosion and fire risks on an onshore mining installation and to equip them with the basic emergency response knowledge and skill. The course is for anyone wants to learn to handle small fire extinguishers, or for the designated employees on a drilling platform.

After completing the course NOGEPA 0.6 Fire Fighting instruction, the course participant should have understanding of the various kinds of fires and adequately use the right set of (small) fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire.

In the Firefighting Instruction course delegates are provided with knowledge on practical firefighting equipment and get familiarized and train with various types of small extinguishers, fire blankets and a bore hose.

This is an elementary safety training and intended for persons performing activities on an onshore mining installation.

  • Duration: Half a day for both basic and refresher training
  • Validity: 4 years
  • Prerequisites: No medical certificate required & for refresher course, valid NOGEPA 0.5 or a 0.6 certificate required

nogepa 06 fire fighting

NOGEPA Fire-Fighting Instruction & Refresher

NOGEPA 0.6 Fire-Fighting Instruction & Refresher

  • Extinguishing a small A and B class fire with various types of small extinguishers
  • Decide which extinguishing agent should be used in the given situation
  • The effects of extinguishing and combustible materials present
  • Extinguishing a small fire with various types of portable extinguishers
  • Explanation and demonstration of various small extinguishing agents
  • Explanation and demonstration of the effects of extinguishing
  • The actual extinguishing of various fires with various extinguishing agents

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with NOGEPA for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: May 31, 2021