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NOGEPA 1.4 Gas Measurement Training Course & Refresher for Persons Designated to Carry Out Gas Measurements

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The NOGEPA 1.4 Gas Measurement is meant for anyone who has to measure the atmosphere at suspicious workplaces and also for their managers, supervisors and the providers of work permits and teaches delegates skills and knowledge to execute gas measurements in a safe and correct way when performing certain operations and maintenance activities on a mining installation, testing and measuring of gas, oxygen and/or toxic substances may be necessary as part of the permit to work conditions.

Objective of the NOGEPA 1.4 Gas Measurement Training & Refresher programs is to train the delegate in the theory and practice of the operation and the use of gas measurement and detection equipment, the interpretation of the measured data and taking the correct actions. The course participant learns in theory and practice how the composition of air on a workplace should effectively be measured.

They are also taught how to give correct advice concerning the necessary safety precautions in order to work safely in the measured atmosphere; this advice is based on the outcomes of the measurement. This course is a function-orientated training and is intended for persons designated to carry out gas measurements.

  • Duration: 1 day for both basic and refresher course
  • Validity: 4 years
  • Prerequisites: None

nogepa1.4 gas measurement

NOGEPA Gas Measurement Training & Refresher

NOGEPA 1.4 Gas Measurement Training & Refresher Training

NOGEPA 1.4 Training Program

  • Gas measurement strategies
  • Measurement principles, procedures and rules
  • Various types of measurement and detection apparatus
  • Interpret the measured data
  • State / advice about the correct follow-up actions
  • Advice regarding safety provisions and personal protective equipment
  • Enclosed spaces

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Last Updated: June 1, 2021