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NOGEPA 1.9 Banksman Course & Refresher Training for Persons Assigned to Hoisting Activities on a Offshore Mining Installation

nogepa banksman

When on an offshore mining installation crane operation is undertaken, a person is assigned as banksman to assist the crane operator in directing and slinging loads in order to ensure safe handling. The objective of the NOGEPA 1.9 Banksman Course is to ensure that the delegate is able to act safely and efficiently as banksman during hoisting activities.

After successful completion of the NOGEPA 1.9 Banksman or Refresher training the delegate can assist efficient, safe and responsible in lifting activities, in collaboration and under supervision of the crane operator. This is a function-orientated course and is intended for persons assigned to hoisting activities on a mining installation.

The Banksman offshore training is specifically designed for operational personnel on ships and / or oil platforms involved in hoisting operations. This training consists of a combination of theory instruction, hands-on exercises and practical exercises with the crane and other hoisting equipment.

  • Duration: 3 days for basic course and 1 day for refresher
  • Validity: 4 years
  • Prerequisites: Offshore Medical certificate

nogepa1.9 banksman course

NOGEPA Banksman & Refresher Courses

NOGEPA 1.9 Banksman Course & Refresher Training

NOEPA 1.9 Theory

  • Knowledge of various cranes and their applications
  • Knowledge of materials and equipment, used for performing hoisting activities, perceiving
  • wear and tear, performance of daily maintenance, and inspection of those materials and
  • equipment
  • Knowledge of storage and registration of hoisting equipment
  • Knowledge of standards and regulations related to the job
  • Knowledge of procedures applicable to transportation of persons by means of a crane
  • Capability of assessing risks, in relation to hoisting activities and ability to take the necessary measures
  • Knowledge of containers with regard to type, structure and admissible load
  • Knowledge of hoisting equipment
  • Knowledge of hooking-up loads
  • Capability to determine the mass of a load by visual evaluation
  • Knowledge of winches and tackles.

NOGEPA 1.9 Practical

  • Determining and applying the correct hoisting equipment
  • Evaluating the measures of a load to be hoisted
  • Evaluating the mass of a load to be hoisted
  • Determining the center of gravity of various loads
  • Visually inspections of hoisting equipment
  • Daily maintenance of hoisting equipment
  • Application of standard hand and arm signals
  • Communication by means of a portable radio
  • Hooking-up loads
  • Applying safety precautions during all mentioned activities

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Last Updated: June 1, 2021