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Transport Canada & Industry Canada Approved Marine and Radio Training Programs in Vancouver, BC

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Located in Vancouver, BC, Howard Marine Services (HMS) provides training and certification for crew members on small commercial vessels. They offer a range of courses and can customize our training to suit organizations or individuals. Teaching boat safety for 12 years, Howard Marine course offering include Small Vessel, Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel, and Radio Operators certification.

HMS puts safety first and the training programs are clear and precise to the point where no quality is not compromised for small vessel licence aspirants for the industry.

The HMS training programs are conducted in Vancouver, British Columbia.

hms small vessel training

Training Programs

TC Small Commercial Vessels Courses

  • Commercial Small Vessel Operator Certification: Transport Canada Small Vessel Operator  (SVO) certification issued by Howard Marine Services is mandatory for masters of small commercial vessels in Canadian waters. The SVO does not need to be renewed once issued. This is a Transport Canada approved 26-hour course (over 4 days). Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Small Non-Pleasure Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS): (Formerly Marine Emergency Duties MED A3) Defining duties related to boating emergencies, SDV-BS is concerned with responding to emergency situations and boating disasters.  SDV-BS is for crew members at least 15 years of age, of non-pleasure vessels, of up to 12 meters, not operating more than 25 miles from shore. Including, but not limited to commercial fishing, crew boats, work boats and tugs.

Industry Canada Radio Courses

  • Radio Operators Certificate Maritime (ROC-M): Industry Canada certification in commercial VHF radio use on small vessels. Provides instruction in common practices and standards, equipment use and communication regulations. Also covers Digital Selective Calling (DSC) equipment.
  • Radio Operators Certificate Maritime Commercial (ROC-MC): Industry Canada certification in commercial VHF radio use for larger commercial vessels, including tugs and fishing boats. Contact us to determine requirements for this course.

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Last Updated: June 22, 2021