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Transport Canada Approved Marine Training Courses; Navigation & Ship Stability Courses and Radio Communication Training in Nanaimo & Vancouver BC

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Established in 1997 and located at Nanaimo, BC, Safer Ocean Systems (SOS) provides Transport Canada approved marine training courses. SOS offers the highest quality marine training on the west coast and the instructors go out of their way to help you succeed, pass your exams, and leave with relevant and useful knowledge to begin or further your career in the marine industry.

SOS was established to supply Transport Canada Marine Safety-approved marine training courses for Deckhands, Small Vessel Operators, Master Limited <60GT, and Fishing Master-4 on Vancouver Island and across BC.

Safer Ocean Systems also provides small vessel compliance program & inspection preparation program and provides training equipment, including - Liferaft, survival suits, dry suits, lifejackets, PFDs, Rescue nets, rescue slings, fire extinguishers and enclosed fire pans.

SOS training centers are located in Nanaimo and Granville Island, Vancouver BC

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Training Programs

Small Vessel Courses

  • Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (4 days): This course provides a basic understanding of the hazards of the marine environment and the prevention of shipboard incidents; knowledge and skills to safely operate a small non-pleasure vessel in near coastal and sheltered waters under normal operating conditions and additional knowledge on aids to navigation.
  • Small Vessel Machinery Operator (SVMO): This is an introductory engineering course. Many commercial vessels under 500GT are required to carry an SVMO ticket holder. Many employers are actively looking for mariners who hold SVMO tickets, so they can meet their vessels’ Safe Manning requirements. This is intended as exam preparation only, and is not a TC approved course.
  • Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS) (1 days): This is a Marine Emergency Duties boating safety course. It is the minimum training requirement for masters and crew on small non-pleasure (commercial) vessels. In this intense 1-Day course we will talk about the different kinds of emergencies we may face while working on the water, and what we have to do to keep our crew, passengers, and ourselves safe.
  • Domestic Vessel Safety (DVS) (4 days): This course is a mix of classroom theory and real hands-on scenarios.

Radio Operator Courses

  • Restricted Operator Certificate - Maritime (1 day): ROC-M is a one-day course for Masters and Crew on pleasure and/or commercial vessels operating in Canadian waters, within 25 miles of shore.
  • Restricted Operator Certificate - Maritime Commercial (ROC-MC): ROC-M is a 3-Day course for Masters and Watchkeepers on Commercial Cargo, Towing, Passengers, and Fishing Vessels operating in Canadian waters, more than 25 up to 200 miles from shore.

Navigation Courses

  • Chartwork & Pilotage Level 1 (CP1) (12 days): The Chartwork & Pilotage Level 1 course is a pre-requisite for Master Limited, <60 GT. Fishing Master 4, Mate 150 GT, and Watchkeeping Mate, Fishing Vessel.
  • Navigation Safety Level 1 (NS1) (6 days): This Course covers the TC syllabus for 061 Navigation Safety. It is a prerequisite for a Master Limited 60 Ton and other certificates like Fishing Master-4, Master <150 GT, and others. It is also a good review for anyone wishing to brush up on the ColRegs.
  • Simulated Electronic Navigation - Limited (SEN-L): The simulated electronic navigation courses were developed to address the goals of the International Maritime Organization and parties to the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping Convention (STCW), in their desire to promote the safety of life at sea through the training of masters and deck officers in following high standards of watch keeping especially with regard to the application of electronic navigation systems and instruments.
  • Chartwork & Pilotage Level 2 (CP2): This is a practical hands-on course.

Other Exam Prep Courses

  • Ship Construction & Stability 1 (SCS1): The SCS1 course prepares candidates to write the Transport Canada exam SCS 1. It is also an introduction to the syllabus for higher level stability and related exams.

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Last Updated: June 23, 2021