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Boat License, Deckhand, Coxwain, Marine Radio and Coastal Navigation Programs in Wickham, NSW and Online

allhandsondeck maritime training

Located at Wickham - New South Wales, All Hands on Deck Maritime Training has been conducting maritime training for more than a decade. All Hands on Deck Maritime Training is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and an authorized by NSW Maritime and, also an Approved Training Organization with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). The programs conform to National Training Standards and meet the needs of students as well as the maritime industry.

All Hands on Deck Maritime Training provides training in Boat & PWC (Jetski), Coxswain, Deckhand (GPH), Marine Radio and Coastal Navigation. The enrollment process includes an online pre-study component before the course is finalized with a face to face practical session. Many of the courses are blended learning, which is a combination of online training combined with face to face sessions.

deck maritime training

Training Programs

Boat License (Blended Learning)

  • NSW Maritime General Boat and/or Jetski (PWC) License: The NSW Maritime Personal Watercraft (PWC) License, which is commonly known as a Jetski License, is a separate license to the NSW Maritime General Boat License. To obtain a PWC License you must already possess a NSW Maritime General Boat License, or have completed this course. The course includes pre-study and practical components along with a written assessment by NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Deckhand (Blended Learning)

  • Deckhand (GPH): The position of General Purpose Hand is the starting point for career progression to being a Coxswain, Master and/or Engineer. The training course provides skills and knowledge known as Basic Safety Training and is a requirement for all commercial crew. The role is a vital position that works closely with the Master and/or Engineer to ensure the safety of the vessel, the passengers and the crew on board a commercial vessel.

Coxwain (Blended Learning)

  • Coxswain NC2 Certificate (Grade 2 NC) Certificate - (Lower grade certificate): Command a commercial vessel up to 12 meters in length, which does NOT carry passengers and operate a diesel engine capacity of <100 kW or unlimited outboard engine capacity in smooth or sheltered waters, or within 3nm of a parent vessel in the EEZ, or within 3nm from the shore base or aquaculture lease. Examples of vessels may include Survey or Research vessels, vessels conducting mooring servicing, Pilot vessel, Lines Boats, BSO vessels, Patrol vessels, Surf Club and/or Sailing club vessels etc.
  • Coxswain NC1 Certificate(Grade 1 NC) Certificate - (Highest grade certificate): The Coxswain (Grade 1 NC) certificate will allow you to command a commercial vessel up to 12 meters in length, operating 15 nautical miles to sea, operate a diesel engine capacity of <500 kW (670hp) and carry passengers. Examples include Fishing Charter vessel, Water Taxi, Passenger Ferry, Cruise Boat etc.
  • Marine Safety (Low Complexity Duties) Exemption 2017: AMSA ammended the requirements regarding holding a Coxswain qualification by introducing the Marine Safety (Low Complexity Duties) Exemption 2017 (commonly known as Exemption 38). This exemption does not require any sea time to be obtained and does not require a final assessment by AMSA.

Marine Radio (Online)

  • Long Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP): This is the preferred license and is for operating VHF short range radios and medium frequency / high frequency (MF/HF) radios. The Online Marine Radio Course allows candidates the opportunity of unlimited study online for the Marine Radio Certificate exam regardless of where you live,
  • Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP): This is designed for those who are only carrying and / or operating a very high frequency (VHF) short range radio.

Coastal Navigation (Online)

  • Coastal Navigation: The course covers a wide range of coastal navigation topics which are designed to make you knowledgeable and confident even if you have never stepped on board a vessel. If you already have some boating background this program will build on your current knowledge and allow you to practice over and again. The coastal navigation program comes in 4 different formats based on your requirements. Coastal Navigation - Complete Course includes coastal navigation program, chart equipment and final assessment - required for Coxswain - AMSA Approved certificate issued on completion.

Other Services

  • Coxswain Practice Exam Questions
  • AMSA Trial Assessment
  • AMSA Coxswain Task Book

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