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MCA Approved International Yachtmaster Training, AMSA Approved Australian Qualifications & Sailing Lessons in Newport, NSW

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Located at Pittwater on Sydney's Northern Beaches in Newport -New South Wales, Superyacht Crew Academy provides training and certification for people who wish to work on Superyachts. Superyacht Crew Academy is the Australian partnership school of International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT). IYT Worldwide certificates are MCA approved and recognized by 25 governments around the globe. Superyacht Crew Academy is a RTO as well as a NSW Roads and Maritime Services and ASQA approved training provider.

All IYT courses may optionally qualify you for the European International Certificate of Competency. You will need this extra certificate if you plan to work on yachts operating in the coastal and inland waters of Europe. Your training program for Deckhand will also qualify you for an Australian General Purpose Hand certification. Training programs for Master of Yachts 200 ton will also qualify you for a Master

Most courses include practical sea time training aboard modern, registered training yachts and the academy also organize cruises along the Australian coast to help you meet criteria for sea time. Immediately after the training course, deckhands and steward/ess will have the opportunity to gain work experience face to face with guests.

The Sydney Maritime Institute is a division of Superyacht Crew Academy and provides Australian maritime qualification and training. Club Sail, another division, provides sailing lessons and yacht charter.

Superyacht Crew Academy Programs

Deck Courses, STCW and Endorsements

  • Superyacht Deckhand Training (7 days): This International Yacht Training (IYT) course provides the theoretical and practical skills required to be an active crew member onboard a superyacht. Both power and sail superyacht skills are covered in the course.
  • STCW Training Course (6 days): The Superyacht Crew Academy IYT STCW 95+10 Certificate of Competency is approved by 25 nations and the Maritime Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom, the United States Coast Guard, the Maritime agencies of the governments of N.S.W., Queensland and Western Australia, and Insurance companies around the world.
  • VHF/HF Radio Operators Certificate (LROCP): This is a full day course and covers - Radio Operation, Types of Marine Radios, Rules and Regulations governing radio use locally and in foreign ports, Emergency Distress Calls, Ship to Ship Calls, and Ship to Shore Calls.
  • STCW 10 Maritime Security Awareness Update (1/2 day): The competency units covered in this course are - Security Threats, Piracy, Drills, and Communications and reporting.
  • STCW 95/10 MCA Approved Proficiency in First Aid (3 days) & Proficiency in Medical Care (5 days): MedAire, an International SOS company teams up with the Superyacht Crew Academy to provide First Aid and Medical Care training for superyacht crews to recognize and manage illness and injuries.
  • The International Certificate of Competency (ICC): The International Certificate of Competence is an ID card issued by a European country that has agreed to a UNECE resolution on qualifications required for pleasure boat operators and who can issue certifications of competence. The ID card provides government officials and charter boat companies with verification that a skipper is qualified to operate a vessel in the coastal or inland waters of European countries.
  • Small Powerboat and RIB Master Driving Course: This course in handling a superyacht tender is important for every crew member aboard a yacht. Most captains will give preference to new crew applicants that are licensed to operate the tender. You will be issued with an internationally recognized MCA approved certificate for vessels up to 15m length, inboard or outboard propulsion with no horsepower limitations and no onboard accommodation operation in coastal regions in fair weather.
  • Offshore Sea-Miles (6 or 12 day voyages): The Superyacht Crew Academy offers adventure offshore milebuilding passages to assist you in gaining sea time, with encouragement and high quality training by professional yachtmasters. Experiencing 24 hour sailing on watch, taking the helm as skipper and watch leader, will build your skill and confidence during these 12 days of adventure training.

Interior Crew Courses

  • Superyacht Stewardess/Steward (10 days): Successful graduates can confidently accept any Steward/ess assignment on superyachts anywhere in the world. You will graduate with two internationally recognized certificates.
  • Superyacht Chief Stewardess (1 day): If you are an experienced Stewardess/Steward, sign on for this one day workshop to qualify for a promotion to chief steward/ess.
  • Superyacht Chef Training (3 days): If you are already an experienced Chef, sign on for this training and certification course to qualify to cook aboard Superyachts of any size, anywhere in the world. You will also need to have the STCW certification.

Officer Courses

  • Master of Yachts Coastal 200 Ton (11 days): Complete this IYT Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200ton training course and qualify for two internationally recognized certificates to work as the captain or mate aboard a superyacht in coastal waters anywhere in the world.
  • Fastrack to MOY Coastal 200 Ton (39 days): Join this program with no experience and in 39 days qualify to get a job as captain or first mate on a superyacht operating in coastal waters anywhere in the world.
  • Master of Yachts 200 Ton Limited (12 days): This Captain's course is a short bridging course and qualify for the MOY 200ton Limited and the Australian Master up to 24 NC certifications so you can begin working as an officer in coastal waters on Australian commercial vessels or International Superyachts anywhere in the world.
  • IYT MOY 200 Ton to Master 24m NC (6 days): This Master of Yachts 200ton to the Master up to 24m Near Coastal bridging course is to Captain Australian registered commercial vessels.
  • Master of Yachts 200 Ton Unlimited (6 days): The IYT Master of Yachts 200ton (Unlimited) training programme will qualify you for the MCA approved, internationally recognized Master of Yachts 200 GT (Unlimited) Certificate, enabling you to crew to a rank of Captain on super yachts registered in 23 countries around the world no matter where the yacht is located and to captain the vessel on international voyages.
  • Master Upto 24m Near Coastal (Masterclass 5) (6 weeks): This Master up to 24m Near Coastal training program is to qualify you to Captain Australian registered commercial vessels.
  • Master 24m NC to MOY 200GT Crossover (2 days): If you already have your Australian Master up to 24m Near Coastal (Master 5), and want to work on yachts anywhere in the world, this is a crossover course to the International MOY 200gt certification.
  • Coxswain NC to MOY (MATE) 200GT Crossover (2 days): If you already have your Australian Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal, and want to work on yachts anywhere in the world, this is a crossover course to the International MOY (Mate) 200gt certification.

Sydney Maritime Institute Courses

  • MAR10313 - Certificate I in Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand Near Coastal)
  • MAR20313 - Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal)
  • Master Under 24m Near Coastal Training Course Mar30913 - Certificate III In Maritime Operations (Master <24m NC)

Club Sail (IYT) Courses

  • Introduction to Sailing
  • International Crew
  • International Bareboat Skipper Theory
  • International Bareboat Skipper Practical
  • Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper
  • VHF/Radio Operator's Certificate
  • STCW 95
  • Private Sailing Instruction

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