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Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering Education at SIT Singapore

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The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) introduced the Polytechnic-Foreign Specialized Institutions (Poly-FSI) initiative. Its aim was to encourage polytechnics to partner with overseas universities and offer degree programs in niche areas. Through this initiative, students would enjoy a more enriching learning experience in areas that also supported Singapore’s economic development.

SIT represents the centre of a unique tripartite collaborative model (between Singapore Ministry of Education MOE, Ministry of Manpower MOM and the Economic Development Board EDB) responsible for planning, managing and implementing degree programs offered by reputable overseas universities in partnership with the five local polytechnics. In addition to providing more government-subsidized university places, the SIT model also offers students significantly greater choices in learning at tertiary levels.

SIT provides students opportunity of study world class curriculum in collaboration with Newcastle University which is the largest and broadest-based marine school in the UK, covering the fields of marine engineering, naval architecture, offshore engineering, coastal management and small craft technology, and enjoys a substantial international reputation. All students will have opportunities for a 3-6 week attachment at the home campuses of the overseas universities where they get to experience a different culture and interact with overseas students.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • BEng (Hons) Marine Engineering: This degree program is concerned with engineering challenges specific to the marine environment such as the propulsion and auxiliary machinery of ships, and the power and control systems of other marine constructions such as oil platforms, sub-sea systems, as well as underwater and offshore vehicles. Marine Engineers excel in various sectors of the maritime industry working on and alongside commercial ships, passenger liners, navy vessels, submersibles, pleasure yachts, cruise ships, and oil rigs.
  • BEng (Hons) Naval Architecture: This degree program is directed towards the design, development and operation of ships and other marine vehicles. The principles of stability, structures, response in a seaway, resistance and propulsion can be applied to vessels as diverse as ferries, giant oil tankers, tugs and even warships. Naval Architects excel in various sectors of the shipbuilding industry including ship design and construction, technical and safety consultancy, operations, management and commerce, as well as the engineering of offshore renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and tidal power.
  • BEng (Hons) Offshore Engineering: This degree program is geared to the demands of the offshore engineering industry with a solid basis in engineering fundamentals. Students will learn to design and produce fixed and floating offshore oil and gas production installations, along with the crafts that service these and other offshore developments. The program also aims to instill in students the skills and techniques appropriate for companies in various sectors of the marine and offshore fields. Offshore Engineers excel in various sectors of the marine and offshore industries including ocean mining, offshore disposal, offshore pipelines and cables, offshore structures and salvage operations. They would also have the skills to work in other sectors such as thermal energy conversion and seabed mineral recovery.

SIT Scholarships

  • AVA Scholarship
  • ASMI-Marine Technology Scholarship
  • The LRET-MaritimeONE Scholarship
  • Sakae Scholarship
  • Sembcorp Industries Scholarship
  • SMA-MaritimeONE Scholarship
  • University Engineering Scholarship
  • Lee Hsien Loong Award
  • Lee Kuan Yew-STEP Award
  • SIT Scholarship
  • SIT International Student Scholarship
  • Plus more..


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