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Offshore Familiarization, Ship Handling, Dynamic Positioning, Engine Room, STCW 2010, and QHSE, Courses and Assessments in Singapore

lerus training

Lerus Group Is a Ukrainian company, founded in 2007. To keep recruits and other seafarers on a high level of professional knowledge and experience, Lerus Group operates two Training Centers - in DNV GL and Singapore to provide theory and practical based courses by using modern simulation solutions from KONGSBERG. Lerus is headquartered in Odessa Ukraine and opened its Singapore office in 2014.

Lerus Group operates the offshore training centre in Singapore to provide offshore training for the Asia-Pacific region and to improve required skills of marine personnel without real hazards, loss and damages to vessels and offshore installations.

Lerus Training Academy & Simulation Centre in Singapore provides realistic offshore training solutions in a safe and controlled environment for all students. The main goal of the company is to improve the competence level of marine personnel and ensure they are able to perform duties and complete operations safely in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

lerus training singapore

Training Programs

Offshore Familiarization

  • Offshore Familiarization Course (4 days)
  • Drilling Familiarization Course (5 days)

Ship Handling

  • Ship Handling in an Offshore Environment (5 days)
  • Offshore Ship Handling (Refresher) (2 days)
  • Anchor Handling Operations Stage 1 - Shallow Water (5 days)
  • Anchor Handling Operations Stage 2 - Deep Water (5 days)
  • Basic Ship handling & Voyage Management (4 days)
  • Winch Operator Course (5 days)
  • Offshore Support / Supply Vessel Operation (3 days)
  • ASD Ship Handling Courses (3 days)
  • Towing Operations (5 days)
  • Rig Move Training (5 days)

Dynamic Positioning

  • Dynamic Positioning Basic / Induction (5 days)
  • Dynamic Positioning Advanced / Simulator (5 days)
  • DP Maneuvering Courses (Sea Time Reduction) (5 days)
  • Maintenance of the DP systems (3 days)
  • DP - Awareness Course (2 days)
  • DP FMEA familiarization (3 days)
  • Position Reference Systems - DP Systems (5 days)

Engine Room Courses

  • Engine Room Advanced (4 days)
  • Engine Room Operations & Maintenance (3 days)

STCW 2010

  • Engine Room Resource Management-Teamwork & Leadership (5 days)
  • Bridge Resource Management - Teamwork & Leadership (5 days)

Human Resources

  • QHSE Level 1 (3 days)
  • QHSE Level 2 (4 days)

High Voltage Training

  • HV Operational Level (2 days)
  • HV Management Level (4 days)

Qualification Assessment

  • Full-day & half-day Assessment: These programs are designed for assessment of qualification and skills of offshore employees in fields of Ship Handling, Dynamic Positioning Operations, Engine Operations, etc. The main purpose is to provide full assessment report with records of exercises performance.  On the assessment completion report will be issued and presented by request.

DNV GL DPO Certification

  • DPO Certification Exam, Station keeping (1 day)
  • DPO Certification Exam, Advanced Operations (1 day)

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