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Maritime Studies & Shipping and Logistics Management Training in Singapore


The Institute of Maritime & Business Management (IMBM) was set up in 2009. It is a CPE (Council for Private Education) registered private school specializing in maritime, logistics and business studies. The part-time courses are designed for working adults as an avenue for personal development and continuing and life-long education. IMBM courses would assist to upgrade skills levels through its certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses for the working adults and others intending to enter this industry.

The maritime business and logistics courses at the Institute of Maritime & Business Management (IMBM) are designed to give students insights into the best practices of the industry (core subjects) with a business focus. The maritime business in Singapore contributes about 7% to 8% to the country's GDP and is a significant industry which is on a growth trajectory. The IMBM courses are expected to improve skills level of industry people as changes are occurring often which require knowledge upgrade.

Training Programs

  • Certificate in Maritime Studies (CMS) (5 months)
  • Certificate in Supply Chain Management (CSM) (5 months)
  • Certificate in Maritime Studies (CMS) Express (3 months)
  • Diploma in Maritime Studies (DIMS (12 months)
  • Diploma in Maritime Studies (DIMS) Express (7 months)
  • Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (DLSC) (12 months)
  • Diploma in Maritime and Logistics Management (DMLM) (12 months)
  • Advanced Diploma in Maritime and Logistics Management (ADML) (18 months)
  • These programs are designed for people in the shipping, logistics, freight-forwarding, trading, manufacturing and related industries. Incorporating the best practices of the industry and enhanced by the combination of business subjects the course aims to sharpen skills of the participants and also prepare them for an entry into a related undergraduate program.
  • The Advanced Diploma creates a pathway for students already in the Diploma program and who aspire to achieve tertiary education through part-time study. It is essentially a second year degree program and gives students the necessary rigor and perspective to successfully complete a good degree course in this discipline.
  • Classes are held twice a week with 3 hours per session
  • Entry Requirements: Certificate level - GCE "N" level (incl. credit in English) or Secondary Education with minimum 2 years work experience. Mature candidates 25 years of age & above with more than 5 years work experience can also be considered for this program. Diploma level - Three GCE "O" level incl. English (Min. C6), Nitec + 5 "N" level, Higher Nitec or equivalent qualifications. Students without these qualifications can take the Certificate level course (3 subjects) & upon completion move onto the Diploma (5 subjects). Advanced Diploma level - IMBM Diploma or GCE "A" level, (min 2 A level subjects or GCE "O" equivalent).


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