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Professional Marine Insurance CPD Training in Singapore


I-G Training (IGT) is established to provide technical and practical training to the general insurance and reinsurance industry. It is managed by experienced insurance practitioners and well supported by a strong pool of experienced facilitators. IGT is committed to serve the insurance market in Singapore and the region. It provides quality training programs which are specially designed and developed to build the knowledge and skill-sets of insurance practitioners and professionals.

IGT focuses on increasing the technical competency and enhancing the practical experience of middle and senior level insurance executives so as to enable them to add value in their service to their employers by applying what they have learnt to their workplace and by assuming greater roles and responsibilities. IGT’s marine insurance training programs are endorsed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

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Training Programs

Marine Insurance Courses

  • Understanding Marine Cargo Insurance (1 day): This program aims to develop your understanding of Cargo Insurance.
  • Marine Transport Liability Insurance (2 days): Understand the risks involved in the movement of cargo, the responsibilities and liabilities of the parties involved and the coverages available. Gain knowledge on Marine Transport Liability policy cover details including triggers, liability for freight services, additional covers and exclusions under the policy. Participants will also benefit from the claims-sharing session and case study.
  • Port & Marine Liabilities Insurance (2 days): This program will enable participants to enhance their knowledge on this topic, from both perspectives of the marine insurance industry as well as the marine industry as a whole. Participants will also be brought on a guided sea tour by marine captains in the industry, to explore the different ship types, view the workplace e.g. cargo loading and unloading at work, and more.
  • Handling Cargo Claims - A Case Study Approach (1 day): The program enhances the participants' in-depth understanding of Marine Cargo and their technical competence of handling Marine Cargo Claims.
  • Underwriting Energy Insurance (2 days): Explore offshore and onshore drilling rigs operations associated with risks exposures and major losses in this program. Participants will be equipped with practical insurance knowledge on offshore and onshore energy risks processes, policy wordings and underwriting technicalities.

Other Training Programs

  • Professional Insurance Writing Skills (1 day): Participants will benefit from real-life insurance case studies, role-plays and discussions, enabling them to apply these learnt techniques and skills for their workplace situations.
  • Effective Insurance Negotiation & Problem-Solving Skills (1 day): Master professional techniques to up your insurance business negotiations.


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