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STCW, IADC & CompEx Certified Hazardous Area & Specialized Electrical Training and, Certified Inspector/Technician & WSQ Programs in Singapore & Online

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With over 30 years of theoretical learning with hands-on training in real world situations, Assets Training & Technical Services (ATTS) provides certified training programs for the maritime, offshore and other related industries. With over 15,000 sq ft, the fully CompEx audited training facility houses a full suite of state-of-the-art equipment for training purposes.

ATTS has worked with over 500 corporate partners, and trained more than 8,000 technicians and engineers. ATTS collaborate with world class partners and regulatory authorities to ensure that our curriculum meets the standards and requirements of the industry.

Some of the collaborating regulatory authorities are - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Maritime and Coastguard Agency (UK MCA), International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), and Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). ATTS also collaborates with industry partners such as - ASET International Oil & Gas Training Academy, Wavelink Maritime Institute & MSTS Asia.

Assets Training & Technical Services (ATTS) offers 50+ course and has over 1.5K certified candidates & 5 international centers & partners apart from online courses and virtual training

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Training Programs

Compex Certified Assessment Course

  • Hazardous Areas CompEx Competence Based Course (Ex01-Ex04)
  • Hazardous Areas CompEx Foundation Course (Live Streaming)
  • Hazardous Areas CompEx Foundation Plus Course (ExF+)
  • Hazardous Areas CompEx Mechanical Course (Ex11)
  • Hazardous Areas CompEx Refresher Course (Ex01R-Ex04R)
  • Re-Test for CompEx Competence Based Course (Ex01-Ex04)
  • Re-Test for CompEx Mechanical (Ex11)
  • Re-Test for CompEx Refresher Course (Ex01R-Ex04R)

ATTS Certified Training Courses

  • Explosion Protected Motors – Maintenance / Inspection Course (Ex)
  • Explosion Protection Motors – Maintenance / Inspection Course
  • Explosive Atmosphere Awareness – DUST (Live Streaming)
  • Hazardous Area Basic Course
  • Hazardous Area Classifications – Practical Approach (Live Streaming)
  • Hazardous Area Classifications (Flammable Gases & Vapours) Live Streaming

IADC Courses

  • High & Low Voltage Refresher Course
  • High & Low Voltage Switchgear Operations Course (HVLV) (Offshore) – Virtual classroom
  • High & Low Voltage Switchgear Operations Course (Offshore)

STCW Courses

  • High Voltage Course at Operation Level (MPA, Singapore Approved)
  • High Voltage Training at Management Level (MCA, UK Approved)
  • High Voltage Training at Management level (MPA, Singapore Approved)

Certified Inspector / Technician Courses

  • Certified Fiber Optic Technician Course (CFOT)
  • Infrared Thermography Course (Level 1)
  • Infrared Thermography Course (Level 2)

WSQ Courses

  • Apply Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing at Intermediate Level
  • Electrical Field Maintenance Management (Level 1)
  • Electrical Field Maintenance Management (Level 2)

eLearning Courses

  • Hazardous Areas Awareness
  • IECEX Hazardous Areas Awareness
  • Process Safety Management Awareness
  • Stored Energy Awareness
  • High Voltage Awareness
  • Project Management Fundamentals

Seminar & Workshops Online

  • Hazardous Area Classifications (Flammable Gases & Vapors)

Last Updated: June 8, 2021