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Fremont Maritime Services is now part of MITAGS-PMI. Please visit MITAGS-PMI or Washington Section for Similar Training


Fremont Maritime Services is one of America's most respected maritime safety and emergency procedures training organizations. Every year, the school helps thousands of professional mariners prepare for fire, flooding, abandon ship, and man overboard emergencies. Some of the world’s largest towing, cargo, passenger and fishing companies trust this school to train their officers and crew. It teaches (and students practice) the skills which are essential to successful emergency response. Over the last twenty years, Fremont Maritime Services has trained thousands of military personnel representing the Coast Guard, Army and NOAA Corps. 

Fremont Maritime Services is a member in good standing of the International Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST), and the United States Marine Safety Association (UMSA).

Training Programs

STCW Basic Safety Training

Basic Safety Training or BST is the starting point for persons seeking employment in the maritime industry. This is the credential the US Coast Guard requires prior to issuing a Merchant Mariner's Document.

  • Elementary First Aid and CPR 8-Hours
  • Personal Survival 12-Hours
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities 4-Hours
  • Basic Firefighting 16-Hours
  • Personal Survival Revalidation 8-Hours
  • Basic Firefighting Revalidation 8-Hours
  • Elementary First Aid and CPR Refresher 6-Hours
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities Refresher 2-Hour

Basic and Advanced Fire Fighting

Fremont Maritime's India Tango trains U.S. Coast Guard cutter crews & Marine Inspection Office personnel and, other U.S. flag vessel operators to prepare their crews to prevent, combat, and extinguish fire aboard their ships.

  • Basic Firefighting
  • Advanced Firefighting
  • Firefighting Team Trainers
  • Military Vessel Fire Training

Passenger Vessel Courses

Offered in association with Human Factors Training specialists HBA Corporation, these courses combine classroom lectures, role-playing exercises, and practical crowd management scenarios. Topics covered include: Leadership and Communication, Decision Making, Organizing Emergency Response Procedures, Optimizing Resources, and more.

Towing Vessel Safety

Oil Spill Response, Crew Endurance Management, Conducting Emergency Drills, Job Safety Analysis, Man Overboard Recovery - Ocean/River/Harbor, Shipboard First Aid, Line Handling Safety, Confined Space Entry, HAZWOPER, and more. Some of these programs have also been approved by the Coast Guard as meeting BST currency requirements for MMD and license renewal.

  • Emergency Response Training
  • Safety Management Systems Training
  • Safety Elements Training

Shipboard Damage Control

This two-day, extensively hands-on course combines classroom sessions with demonstrations and team exercises in a flooding ship mock-up. In addition to learning techniques of prevention, investigation, and isolation, participants practice pipe patching, hole plugging, and pumping of flooded compartments.

Fremont Maritime Services is now part of MITAGS-PMI. Please visit MITAGS-PMI or Washington Section for Similar Training