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Maritime Training Programs for Employment in the Commercial Boating Industry in Ft. Pierce FL

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Located at the Historic Port area of Fort Pierce Florida, Florida Maritime Training Academy (FMTA) is a maritime training facility and offers practical training for all seafarers. From entry level ordinary seaman to the most experienced unlimited Masters and Chief Engineers, FMTA trains seafarers in a range of programs, courses and USCG examination assistance.

FMTA trains you for your dream of becoming a Commercial Fisherman, Coast Guard Officer or Professional Sailor. Demand for new employees at all levels; from entry level to Captain to Engineers has never been greater. In today's market of declining jobs, you should take the time to check a seafaring job which provides good pay, benefits and travel.

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USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

  • STCW Basic Safety Training (5 days): Required by STCW for all mariners.  No prerequisites, but course is physically strenuous, and one must be physically fit and capable of moderate swimming/treading water.
  • STCW Crisis Management: This course is for mariners designated to assist in emergency situations on passenger vessels. Students learn to assist passengers, control passenger responses, and establish and maintain effective communications.
  • OUPV (6 Pack): This is the first license offered by the USCG and allows the mariner to carry up to 6 passengers for hire on any vessel under 100 tons.
  • Hazmat: This course covers the information necessary to satisfy Department of Transportation 49 CFR 172 and satisfies the three-year recurrent training requirement under Subpart H172.704. Potential maritime jobs include stevedore, dock worker, ship yard.
  • 100 Ton Master: Removes the restriction on the number of passengers and scope of work on OUPV license. Allows mariner to operate any vessel under 100t (Near Coastal)
  • Able Bodied Seaman (5 days): This course is designed for mariners at the entry-level position. It provides the trainee the knowledge, understanding and proficiency to work safely and efficiently aboard today’s merchant vessels. Proficiency is demonstrated by actually tying various knots, bends, hitches and splices.

LAST UPDATED ON Feb 27, 2018