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USCG Approved Master license Programs and Certification, Prep Course for Master 1600 GT, and Other maritime Training Programs in at Ponte Vedra Beach FL

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Located at Ponte Vedra Beach FL, Sea State Maritime School provides United States Coast Guard approved captains licensing and other maritime training programs in Florida. The school provides Master 100 ton NC and Radar Observation recertification programs along with prep course for Master 1600 GT. The prep course of instruction also includes test preparation strategies that will help you focus your study.

Please note that the Course Certificates are only good for 1 year, and are dated the day of course completion. You may have to apply for the license at the nearest USCG center to get your license. The school is now approved for night classes as well. So if required you can pursue your courses while working.

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USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

USCG Approved Programs

  • Master of less than 100 GRT (Near Coastal) (2 week days, 4 weeks night): This program also meets USCG requirements for - Master of less than 100 GRT, Near Coastal, or Great Lakes & Inland, or Inland Waters; Master of less than 100 GRT, Near Coastal, Raise in Grade from OPUV Near Coastal; AND Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) or Mate of less than 100 GRT Upon Near Coastal, or Great Lakes & Inland, or Inland Waters.
  • Radar Observer Re-certification (1 day): This course satisfies USCG training requirements of 46 CFR 11.480 (f) for maintaining the validity of an endorsement as RADAR OBSERVER.  This is a (1) day course all materials provided by the school. 
  • Captains License for Boaters: Recreational boating Men and Women can be Captains and you can get credit for one day of sea time for at least 4 hours / day aboard a boat.   The boat does not have to be a commercial boat.  As little as 120 days of sea time is required for a (Limited OUPV) Captain's license. You will also have to complete a USCG approved course or take the USCG exam and complete an application to the USCG.  A Safe Boating Course is also required, within the last 5 years.

Other Programs

  • Master less than 1600 GRT (NC) Prep Course (2 weeks): Prep Course, is not a USCG approved course, but is highly recommended for those taking the 500 / 1600 GRT USCG REC administered exam. The 1600 TON - 1600 GRT Prep Course is a 2 week course that prepares mariners for the Master / Mate 1600 GRT (NC) US Coast Guard Exam administered at the RECs.
  • Azimuth and Amplitude: One day course

LAST UPDATED ON Sep 26, 2018