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USCG Approved and STCW 2010 Compliant Merchant Marine Training Programs and Captains Licensing in Tampa, Florida

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Established in 2017 and located at Port Tampa FL, Gulf Coast Maritime Academy (GCMA) is a USCG Approved facility and offers a large range of courses for every aspect of the maritime industry. From entry level ordinary seaman to the most experienced unlimited Masters and Chief Engineers, GCMA specializes in premiere courses related directly to the current maritime training environment for the cruise, offshore, oil & gas, coastal shipping, Charter Boat, and yacht industries.

Gulf Coast Maritime Academy offers many levels of approved Merchant Mariner certifications, licenses, and credential application assistance for both individual students and vessel owner/operators. All courses offered via publicized schedule are approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The training programs are designed to exceed IMO standards and are STCW 2010 Compliant.

All courses advertised are approved by the USCG National Maritime Center, pending approval, or in final development. Each one of the course is designed for maximum retention, student interaction, and bring a real world climate into the classroom. Courses that are pending approval will have projected dates of approval for ease in planning and scheduling the class. All classes that are pending approval are subject to change at any time.

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Training Programs

USCG Approved Courses

  • Able Seaman (Any Rating): 40 Hours (5 Days)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher: 12 Hours (1 1/2 Days)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation: 8 Hours (1 Day)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting: 32 Hours (4 Days)
  • Basic Fire Fighting & National Tankerman Fire Fighting: 16 Hours (2 Days)
  • Basic Fire Fighting Refresher: 12 Hours (1 1/2 Days)
  • Basic Fire Fighting Refresher: 12 Hours (1 1/2 Days)
  • Elementary First Aid: 8 Hours (1 Day)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Refresher (PSSR-R): 2 Hours (1/4 Day)
  • Personal Survival Techniques (PST): 12 Hours (1 1/2 Day)
  • Personal Survival Techniques Refresher (PST-R): 12 Hours (1 1/2 Day)
  • Personal Survival Techniques Revalidation (PST-Reval): 4 Hours (1/2 Day)
  • Radar Observer Recertification: 6 Hours (Till Complete)
  • STCW Basic Training (Basic Safety Training - 4 Elements): 40 Hours (5 Days)
  • STCW Basic Training Refresher (Combination Course): 24 Hour (3 Days)
  • STCW Basic Training Revalidation (Combination Course): 8 Hour (1 Day)

USCG Captains Licensing Courses

USCG Endorsements